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Considering the vastness and complexity of the subject. We provides you a brief overview of the topics Which will be Covered in the 3 Days Training. Remember that becoming proficient in numerology requires dedicated study, practice, and experience over time.

Topics Covered :
Person Numerology
Business Numerology
Mobile Numerology
Vehicle Numerology
Property Numerology
Brand Numerology
Logo Techniques
Visiting Card Vastu
Lucky Numbers / Unlucky Numbers
Lucky Colours / Unlucky Colours
Lucky Directions
New Born Baby Names

Name Numerology:
Name numerology involves analyzing the numerical value of letters in a person’s name to determine their characteristics, personality traits, and potential. It can provide insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and life path.

Business Numerology:
Business numerology involves using numerological principles to analyze the name and date of establishment of a business to enhance its success. It focuses on selecting favorable business names, ensuring compatibility between partners, and understanding the numerological implications of important dates.

Mobile Numerology:
Mobile numerology involves examining the numerological significance of mobile phone numbers. It aims to determine whether a particular number aligns with the user’s goals and aspirations.

Vehicles Numerology:
Vehicle numerology focuses on understanding the numerological influence of license plate numbers and vehicle identification numbers (VINs). It is believed that these numbers can impact the overall energy and experiences associated with the vehicle.

Visiting Card Vastu:
Visiting card Vastu combines the principles of Vastu Shastra (Indian traditional architecture) and numerology to design harmonious and prosperous business cards. It involves selecting appropriate colors, fonts, and layouts based on numerological principles and Vastu guidelines. Learning about Vastu Shastra and understanding its application in designing business cards will be helpful in this area.

Logo Techniques:
Logo techniques in numerology involve using numerical symbolism and principles to design logos that resonate with a company’s objectives, values, and target audience. It combines visual elements with numerological calculations to create a cohesive brand identity. Studying the basics of logo design, symbolism, and numerological interpretations can be a good starting point.

Remember, these topics require more in-depth study, practical application, and experience to become a professional numerologist. It is recommended to continue your learning journey by reading books, attending courses, and practicing numerological analyses.


Thank you
Dr Arihant Raaj
Celebrity Numerologist
Occult King


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