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Thank You for Showing Interest in 2 Days Basic Vastu Course (Telugu)

Dates : 1st and 2nd February 2024
Venue : Near Kukatpally, Hyderabad

What You Learn in 2 Days :

You will learn all the methods and techniques of Arihant Raaj Occult King who has got Successful Results in Vastu with Various Methods and Techniques.

  1. Origin of Vastu Purusha
  2. ⁠4 Directions and its Attributes
  3. ⁠8 Directions and its Attributes
  4. ⁠16 Directions and Attributes.
  5. ⁠32 Entrances and Effects
  6. ⁠5 Elements Theory, Theory of Creation & Destruction.
  7. ⁠Measuring Energies With Dowsing Tools.
  8. ⁠Different Types of Remedies in Vastu Shastra like Colours, Metals, Gems, Pyramids, Aroma Oils Etc
  9. Soil Testing & Selection of Land as Per Vastu.
  10. Virtual Entry Opening Technique.
  11. Selection of Ideal Home as Per Vastu.
  12. Construction & Interior of New Home as Per Vastu Shastra.
  13. Residential Case Studies (5).
  14. Mapping of Regular and Odd-shaped Plots.
  15. Technique to Grid your Residential Layout.
  16. Ideal location for – Kitchen, Toilet, Puja room, Bedroom, Living, store room, Kids Room, and much more…
  17. The ideal placement for Heater, Inverter, Fridge, Dustbin, Plants, and other objects as per Vastu.

And Many More………..


Registration Fee : 6000/- (Only For Hall Charges, Vastu Kit, Printed Material, other Stationery, Food, Tea and Snacks for 2 Days)

What You get :

  1. Basic Vastu Kit.
  2. ⁠Stationery
  3. ⁠Printed Material
  4. ⁠Practical’s
  5. ⁠Case Studies
  6. WhatsApp Group Support
  7. ⁠Certificate

Registration :
Google Pay : 9577295555
Phone Pe : 9577295555
PayTM : 9577295555

Bank Transfer to Current Account:
Canara Bank
Pragathi Nagar Branch

Happy Learning 😊
Arihant Raaj
Occult King

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