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Arihant Raaj Founder Ocult King


Occult King provides consultancy for Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Astrology, Signaturology, and many other trainings and remedies to clients across the world. We are scientific environment consultants and experts in traditional Indian architecture. Occult King conducts scientific and logical studies on historical scriptures and offers various new ways and solutions in the fields of Vastu Shastra and Numerology.

Services We Offer

Occult King provides perfect solutions that will help to maintain good health and energetic equilibrium. We understand and analyze solutions to the problems that you face in your home, office, flat, factory, industry, commercial complexes, etc. Our suggestions and solutions are extremely effective as we use accurate measuring tools. 

Vastu Shastra

Occult King provides detailed analysis and consultation on Vastu for your house, resi- dential plot, building, factory, office etc. Our team assists you with in-depth vastu advice and check for directional, panchabhoota and mandala alignments. Depending upon your requirements and budget we offer various solutions that can add value to your places.


Numerology is a belief system that asserts that numbers have significant mystical and divine meanings. It's based on the idea that each number has its unique vibration and energy, which can influence a person's life. By examining the numbers in a person's life, such as their birth date, name, and even their address, numerologists can gain insights into their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses.


Astrology is based on the idea that there is a correlation between the movements of the celestial bybodies and events and experiences on Earth. Astrologers believe that the positions of the planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth can influence their personality, relationships, and even their destiny


Signaturology is a science that identifies how a person wants to portrait himself to society. Occult King offers you the first step of rectifying all problems of your life with pen and paper with Signaturology. We help you with a newly designed signature that will remediate all your issues regarding jobs, career, business, health, relationships etc.


We are offering training to people in different fields adhering to Indian traditional architectural ethos and modern scientific principles. Through our training, we offer adequate knowledge and new techniques to learners that are related to Vastu Shastra, Bioenergetics, Numerology and in other allied subjects


Our trained experts from Occult King will help to create positive energy in your surroundings thro-ugh remedies. We are the best consultants in the city offering corrective methods and remedies for various problems related to your health, well-being, property etc. Get in touch with us to lead a peaceful and successful life.


What Our Clients Say

Hear are few lines by our satisfied clients. See what they say

There are so many people claim to offer similar products and services but with Arihant Raajesh ji the remedies are genuine and dealings are transparent . Excellent experience .
Anil Bhatnagar
It was a very nice course.with this course anyone can do perfect vastu with accuracy and with results. Wonderful learning experience. Highly recommend to learn from ARIHANT RAAJESH JI.
Aparna Das
Thanks to GOD,ESHWAR, Allah TO GIVEN ME GOLDEN RAJESH GURUJI He is everything to me. He take care each student and back end and back bone of students. I never seen any guruji like my golden Guruji. Those person who is taught Right path that person is Real guruji. My RAHESH GURUJI Is Pure Gold.
Mubarak Dk
Happy Day , I did Rajesh gurus vastu basic , advance & signaturology course , his way of teaching is amazing , perfect & his technique of making us write and remembering thru sub-conscious mind is just wow. His response to every question is just perfect , immediate . Thank you. Wishing you Most & More.....
Kapil Bisanni

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Under the learned leadership of Mr. Arihant Raaj, we have been rendering effective and best professional consultation to our reputed clients.

Occult King conducts scientific and logical studies on historical scriptures and offers various new ways and solutions in the fields of Vastu Shastra and Numerology. We are scientific environment consultants and experts in traditional Indian architecture.

Check through Vastu
Nowadays, people are adopting new technologies to live a modern life. However, the ancient methodologies or beliefs still holds importance in real life. Many people are following the traditional Vastu

We provide you a precise Vastu Plan & Vastu Tips that will solve your life related problems. Vastu Dosh does not need any structural changes. We offer effective Vastu without any demolitions and other related remedies to attract more money, happiness, and growth in your life.