24th September 2024

Venue : Hotel Gion, Gandhi 

Nagar, Bangalore


Learn How to Prepare Vastu Balancing oils along with Powerful Combination of Crystals, also learn the blending techniques from Mr.Arihant Raajesh, Well Renowned Vastu Expert, Numerologist, Astrolger, Graphologist and Occult Science Trainer from Hyderabad

Training Details

Venue Details;
Hotel – Hotel Gion, Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore
Date :
24th Sep. 2024
Duration : 2
Days Workshop
Fee: Rs.6,000/-

What You Will Learn

  • What are Essential Oils
  • How they are prepared
  • Attributes of Essential Oils
  • How to Prepare Vastu Balancing Oils
  • Methods & Procedures to use
  • How to Block Negative Entrance
  • How to Block Toilets
  • How to Block Wrongly Placed Kitchen
  • How to Balance Immovable Objects
  • How to Block Negative Windows
  • How to Treat Geopathic Stress & other Negative Energies
  • How to Open a Virtual Entry as Per Astrology and Numerology
  • How to Balance Septic Tank
  • How to Balance wrongly Placed Steps
  • How to Install Remedies in House, Commercial Spaces, Factories, Industries and also Open Plots.
    And Many More…..

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What Our Clients Say

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I have learned how to use and handle Lecher Antenna correctly. I got a lot of information regarding this course and the tutors helped me out with the required information.
Got to know about all the advantages of the courses. The training was excellent and I am very happy with their teaching style.